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"WHOLLY TOLEDO! Adept at the occult and a spellbinder in her own right, bewitching buckeye Cynthia Myers ""knew"" there was a playmate feature in her future We suspected a put-on, but December Playmate and cover?"

Models: Alexandra Silk

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As a manager at a branch of Key Bank in Dayton, Ohio, Deanna Brooks, 24, advised patrons on their investments and savings plans. A few months ago she decided to change her life -- to prove her fiscal and physical fit?

Models: Alice Romain Deanna Brooks

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"It is precisely two p.m. in the little township of Sidney, Ohio, a gingerbread hamlet 30 scenic minutes north of Dayton\'s city limits. As the clock strikes the hour, ""Beautiful Dreamer"" chimes from the Shelby County?"

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This opportunistic Ohio State University marketing major obviously pays attention in class, because she understands how to put herself out there and get positive results. Jamie answered Playboy?s Girls of the Big 10?

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